I just heard from the printer than the first 1,000 copies of Stolen Sharpie revolution ship out on Monday! That’s good because I have pre-orders for 0ver 300 and that’s not even getting to few hundred I have to send our as promo copies. Want to you your self a copy? Read all about it here.

The other day I had a “take your partner to work day” I showed Paul all the ins and out of my various online shops and paypal, the strange organization of my office and packing area. he’s going to be running things while I’m out of the country. I’m taking down the craft roasted coffees, small custom button orders, and my zines so he will basicaly deal with larger button orders, premade catalog buttons and all the Stolen Sharpie Revolution orders.

I have been working on more promo SSR stuff and have a bit more to do before I send them out.

Right now I think I have allergies. I haven’t really had allergies since I was little. My head feels fuzzy and weird and I can’t think straight but my nose is not stuffy. I don’t think I like having allergies. it makes me feel non-productive. At least I didn’t catch the flu from hanging out with my sister the other day.


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