I bed past noon? me? really? and some stuff about love.

It is 1:30pm and i’m still in bed. My brain is decompressing after all the work I have done to get the book ready for the past 4 days. I caught the stupid typo on the cover before SSR really went into production and got that fixed. I can’t believe I made such a stupid mistake. 3 eyes looked over the insides and only mine looked at the cover. I know this about myself: When I’m doing design work my brain is so caught up in the all over aesthetic of it and I totally miss the details that other people catch.  for example, The repeated paragraph near the end of Brainscan 21. No one has mentioned it, but it’s there and I know it’s there.

I’m really really proud of myself actually. I have never taken a book to press alone. I feel like I only had minimal questions for the printer and I know how to get the project done! The back of my head had someone I used to know telling me I would never be able to do it myself. I was having these weird flashbacks to last time I put Stolen Sharpie Revolution together and my co-worker/husband yelling at me for the most ridiculous things like not liking the photo of myself I wanted to use, that I was taking too long, arguing about how the project is really his project and how I wouldn’t be able to do it without him. Ugh.

All of the badness was easily washed away from the process this time by now having a partner who is totally supportive of me. There were a couple shining moments when he would bring me coffee and breakfast while I was working in bed with my laptop and also making me meals when I forgot to eat. One late night I was yelling at my computer about something Paul shut my laptop and handed me a much needed beer. He knows me so well.

Now that the pre-press is done I have to work on promotion and then in a month I’m leaving for the UK and France for zine related trips for a month. I love that I am in a relationship where I don’t have to ask permission to leave. He just understands that it is part of my “job”. I’d feel the same for him if he was touring with his band. It is just what we do. By the time I’m back from that trip I’ll be slipping in Portland Zine Symposium mode.  And it an attempt to not totally make Paul into a “zine widow” I’m hoping to take him on part of my East coast trip next year. he has friends in NYC and family in upstate New York he hasn’t seen since he was a kid so we could work that into the program.

My parents were in town last week and Paul and I spent a night with them up at the Riverhouse. We sat around the fire and talked late into the night. I told my parents that we had adopted their Full Moon Dance night but that we don’t have a song so we just take turns playing records for each other. They seemed to approve. We talked a bit about them being together for 35 years and how that works. The first response was to look at eachother and say “tolerance” . I remember them at one time saying that it is also good to do things together but also do things apart. I think Paul and i have that down pretty well.

My mom also made this comment that my aunt made about my parents. it sort of has to do with the tolerance thing but something about them both jsut saying “Okay!”  when the other asks them to do something and doing the things they need to get done. In a way it about picking your battles because not everything has to be a fight. i guess my aunt identified “Okay!” as the secret to a happy marriage. I guess the new family joke that isn’t “brainscan! brainscan!’ is “Okay!” go along with it. Paul and I have been joking about that now too.

I think I’m actually going to get up now and shower. Paul should be home soon and we are headed to the post office and grocery shopping because our cubbards are bare.


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