Broken bed, broken ceiling, and SSR so close to being done!

Last night Dan, Paul and I took turns being DJs in the living room.

Later Paul and I broke our bed, it was from IKEA so it was easy to fix.

Then a huge chunk of plaster fell out of the ceiling downstairsIt is strange because that chunk has sort of been hanging since we bought the place in 2001. Last night I thought it looked like it was hanging more than usual. What can you do?  It’s over 100 years old. I have some other plaster work that needs to be done so I guess it is good I waited?



I have spent the past 2 days working on the last touches to Stolen Sharpie Revolution. I messed up some pages and spent all morning redoing the index. ugh. But, tonight at the IPRC I get to do the fun stuff like layout for the outro and thank you pages. I do enjoy cut and paste layout. Tomorrow should be spent scanning and getting the images to the printer! As soon as that happens I’ll start taking preorders! This is so exciting!


One response to “Broken bed, broken ceiling, and SSR so close to being done!

  1. i’m very excited about the new Stolen Sharpie! i have been patiently awaiting it’s arrival ever since it was first announced many moons ago.

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