Zine Librarian (un)Conference Day 2

I woke a bit past 9 and brushed my teeth, cleaned my face and stared at a map of Seattle for awhile, charted by route back up Capitol Hill, and chatted with Wrdnrd a bit. She was headed to CORFLU, the other zine thing going on in Seattle. It is a sci-fi/fantasy fanzine convention. It’s like our zines and their zines live in parallel universes… maybe someone should write a story about that?!
I walked my weighed down bike up half of Capitol Hill. I’m getting old and I’m also not as in shape as I used to be but still, Seattle hills suck. I got to the event as they were discussing topics and in the main room and breaking up what workshops would happen. I could spot Jenna from Barnard on stage with Alycia who I had met in Madison, Milo from QZAP, Jerianne from Zine World and Zine Wiki, Clint from Salt lake’s alternative press library, my traveling companions and several other familiar faces from other zine events.

The first session I attended was on Ethics of zine archiving where zine writers and librarians were to discuss ethics. Some topics were what to do if a zine writer requests to have their zine removed, how we feel about digital documentations, and a bunch of other stuff but I don’t have notes for but there should be some up on the site soon. The idea that came out of this session was to draft some sort of document type letter for writers and archivists to agree upon adding zine to libraries, a sort of code of ethics. Towards the end of the session I asked librarians what could zine writers do to  make their job easier.

These are some of the things they mentioned: Put a publication date on your zine, allow subscriptions… even if they won’t see the zine in 5 years it is just easier for the bureaucracy of the library institution to work that way, somehow note if your zine is a serial or one shot, your copyright preferences, and maybe what category you would like your zine in.

During lunch Marc. Lilly and I walked over to a coffee shop to get sandwiches and soups. There were 4 vegan sandwiches. two were circular and two were diamond shaped. We ordered them by shape. They only took cash but let Marc and I eat our food before we went to the ATM… that was strangely located in the lobby of a police station. weird. After that Marc and I sat down with Jerianne and interviewed her about zinewiki, zine world and 90’s zine. There is some seriously hilarious stuff. I edited the interview on the train on the way home and had to to try hard not to laugh out loud. I also interviewed a few ZAPP volunteers as well. They will eventually be in an episode of Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Zine Podcast.

Since there were 3 IPRC folks we worked out ways to have at least one of us at every session. The next session I went to with Marc. It was about sustainability and it turned out to be us, from the IPRC and 5 volunteers from ZAPP. We discussed outreach, bringing people into the centers, fundraising, and to put it nicely: The cultural disconnect between administration and the people who actually do the work. Meaning that working with a Board of Directors that are pretty clueless to what you are doing day to day can be difficult. We also discussed to coming economic situation and how that might effect our organizations.

After that session Marc and I headed out with a a former ZAPP volunteer to hear the dirt on why they closed a few years ago. I’m not going to discuss details here. But, I did learn that they were closed before the flooded basement.

Marc and I headed across town to the U-District for the zine reading. It was sort of weird to me that my name was the only name on the flier. Shane was there with Amy. I have known them since I was 16 and met them at church youth group things. I don’t think they had ever seen me in my zine element but knew me when I started making zines in Utah.

Milo was the Emcee for the event and decided to go with names starting at the beginning of the alphabet and switch to the end and back and forth so I read first. I read the story about Robert and his wife in New York from my newest zine. Funny cause Shane and Amy knew Robert and seemed amused by it. Next was a guy name Zack and I’m kicking myself for not trading zines with him because his writing was fantastic and his delivery was hilarious. He read a story about going to barber school and painted these ridiculously elaborate fantasy images of expecting the school to be like walking into a musical! good times.

After the reading a bunch of folks went to find Kareoke. Wrdnrd and her partner, Shane and Amy and I went to Big times brewery and had some beers and hung out. We talked and had a good time. Shane and Amy had to leave and we soon left to go back to wrdnrd’s and also pick up some beer. We stayed up drinking  and talking about zines and sci-fi until 2am.  The second day of the conference started at 11 so I needed to get to sleep.

For more info go to the site for links to photos and notes from the workshop sessions.


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