dude-pasta sucks but beer that wants you to worship the Goddess rules!

I generally have an aversion to pasta. I think it has to do with living with too many punks, bachelors and dudes who think that they can dump some pasta in a pot filled with water and leave the room while it boils, drain  it and dump half a can of cold Prego on top and call it food.


I think that food is something that needs love and nurture like everything else in your life. I mean think about it, the food is what sustains you. If you don’t care about what you make and put into you body then what does that say about you?

Today I wanted pasta.I don’t have a preference but Paul likes thin pastas and angel hair so that’s what we had. We had some bottles of pasta sauce but I wanted something different. So this is what I did. I put on the water and added salt to boil.

Funny side note: one time my sister and I were watching a cooking show and they kept talking about putting sea salt in the pasta water because it was supposed to taste like the sea. It has sort of become this joke between my sister and I about how your pasta water needs to taste like the ocean filled with seaweed and fish poop yum!

I sauteed some red onions with garlic in olive oil, red and orange pepper rings, mushrooms, ones fresh roma tomato, some capers, red wine vinegar, and kalamata olives. When the pasta was done I tossed some of the mix on top. It was fantastic!

pasta yum.

pasta yum with vegan parm

Also, I haven’t had a beer in three days since I have been sick and the two fancy beers I bought on Sunday have been tauntung me every time I open the fridge!  I decided I would split one with Pal. We went for the Ninkasi Spring Reign.

Ninkasi Spring Reign

Ninkasi Spring Reign

I love the stylized poppies on the label! Ninkasi Brewing was named after the Sumarian Goddess of beer, brewing and fermentation. I have read several books about this history of beer and brewing and she comes up often. She even has a song written about her that pretty much explains the process of brewing still. It is appropriate name for a brewery.

good beer is good.

good beer is good.

So, you could call this a session beer because it is light .It doesn’t have a characteristly Northwest hoppy nose but what struck me was the malty back bone it had. It was very present and I enjoyed it.  It was enought to remind me that it’s not quite spring yet for the light bodied beers.

and also, when the beer bottle tells you to worship the Goddess how can you complain?

for the goddess Ninkasi

for the goddess Ninkasi

Paul’s at practice right now but it is Full Moon Dance Night even if we live in Portland and can’t see the moon. So, I’m going to go clear the dining room for dancing.


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