The library Journal and stuffed peppers…

I’m took a break while my stuffed peppers are in the oven to read some e-mail and I just found out that my zine (and otehr fabulous zines!) are in the Library Journal, check it out.

Or read it her:

Wrekk, Alex. Brainscan. 1997. size varies. $2. Distros: Atomic Bks. | Parcell Pr. | Quimby’s
Wrekk (Stolen Sharpie Revolution) has been enthusiastically documenting her evolution as a writer and zinester with diaristic zeal and a meticulous cut-and-paste aesthetic for more than a decade. Brainscan is a coffee-fueled journey from the confines of the Salt Lake City punk scene to the center of the zine community in Portland, OR. Recent issues contain a heartrending account of the dissolution of her marriage and subsequent divorce, an unflinching discussion of intrauterine devices (IUDs), and a collection of travel tales and musings. Brainscan‘s strength is the vulnerability and honesty with which Wrekk explores the politics of community, identity, and relationships through trial, error, and continuous examination. Highly recommended.—Aliqae Geraci, Queens Lib., New York

In other news, my stuffed peppers look awesome. Paul makes fun of me for liking to make pretty food but I can’t help it! I swear it tastes better when  it looks nice. I also tried to make a fun salad dressing where you make vegan ranch dressing (vegenaise, soy milk, onion powder, garlic powder, and parsley) but I was gonna add avocado, so I did…. and then I tasted it and realized I put soy creamer that was sweetened and now it all tastes weird. Oh well, I think I can salvage it. I’m also making zucchini bites, a veganized recipe of something my mom used to make.

Pictures later.


One response to “The library Journal and stuffed peppers…

  1. Food has to look pretty, which is why my wife is obsessed with magazines like ‘Permaculture today’, I’m pretty sure it’s just food porn!

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