Etsy Storque, Podcast, punk 7″s and our new house band

First things first! The Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Zine Podcast has had over 100 listeners! At the IPRC staff meeting the other day someone asked Marc and I if we were going to put our podcast out on a schedule like monthly. We shrugged, laughed and said that it is a podcast about zines, how could we possibly have a schedule? You can make fun of us if we ever start apologising for our podcast coming out late.

The Brainscan Audio zine that Paul and I put together for the Fall of Autumn Podcast is featured in this Etsy Storque Guest Curator article by the people from Cinders Gallery. That was nice of them! I remember packing orders for them when I used to work at a distro. Maybe I should get in touch with seeing if they will carry my zines. The audio zine is called Pre-existing conditions and has me reading sort pieces from the never ending up coming zine that I have been working on for over 3 years. Paul blended his music in with my reading and i think it sounds great. I plan on actually finishing the zine at the Anchor Archive Zine Residency in October. Paul has already written most of the sound track…. now I need too do my part.

Speaking of music, last night we ended up having a house party with all 5 of our housemates plus Jess, who is sort of an honorary housemate. It all started when Paul played a 7″ by Scared of Chaka and that damn Cerrado song that gets stuck in his head. At that time it was just Paul, Amanda and I. We proceeded to move through our 7″ collection of crappily recorded 90’s punk records. Jess showed up since we were going to go to first Thursday but we decided to finish a bottle of wine instead.

More 90’s punk all on 7″ and we were remarking about how zine like they are, with bad artwork and inside jokes. PUD, F.Y.P., NAR, Crimpshrine, Prapaghandi, The Prima Donnas, Cringer, Monsula, Teen Titans, etc. Such good stuff!  We miss 90’s punk! The we wondered how much it would cost to put out the records now and it turns out to be ridiculously expensive.

Dan showed up with some beer, we opened another bottle of wine and all decided to start a house band. Then while listening to lo-fi pnk recordings we filled a page with bad (and a few good!) song titles. One being “New York Destiny” and anothr being “New York Density” New York Destiny is the term we used to knowing someone or being someone who happens to be in NYC and runs into the most unlikely person. We all know someone that has happened too.

So, ya. Our house band is called “The Mezz” for reasons that escape me. Jess is going to have Paul teach her to play drums and we haven’t got the rest sorted. I think Paul and Marc are gonna play guitar though. Overall it was a productive night and I’m glad I didn’t go to 1st Thursday!

Here’s a picture of me:

hello there!

hello there!

and here’s a photo of Jackie looking like a stumbling drunk slouched against the wall.

hello mr. slumpy!

hello mr. slumpy!


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