Trains! Travel! zines! Our podcast rules!

It has been a busy few days of orders. I have no idea where they all came from but I’m just about caught up… so I’m taking some time to write here.

I finally, after much annoyance, got my train tickets from London to Poitiers for the La Fanzinothèque 20th birthday! The envelope came with a buch of  information for ignorant American tourists that made me laugh.

Last night I had an IPRC staff meeting and made a bunch of copies of Brainscan 21 for Cindy Ovenracks’s Doris Distro. Not many people showed up for the staff meeting but Marc and Lillymonster and I got our tickets for us and our bikes to go to Seattle for the Zine Librarian Un-Conference. We aren’t exactly sure where we are staying but we will have bikes and I’m thinking of bring my tent jsut in case… and a flask. I think that might be fun… and travel Scrabble even though Marc would kick our ass.

I’m imagining all three of us in a 2 person tent playing travel scrabble by bike light. we are such nerds.

Did I mention that we chose the artwork for the 2009 Portland zine Symposium? We did! and we lovingly refer to the design as “disco cats” You’ll understand when you see the art. We are hoping to have table registration up by the end of the month.

Nobody Cares about Your Stupid Zine Podcast has had 90 listeners so far! Search for it on itunes and leave us a review!  Also, we are hoping to record a new one this weekend but we’ll have to see. We want to start a Q&A section so if you have any questions for Marc or I about zines or ourselves you can leave a comment here. I should have an e-mail set up soon.

Ok, back to making buttons.


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