I’m exhausted, I think its about time for a beer…

I have been at my computer or making buttons for over 9 hours today. I sort of had to make up for the errands… and fun I had yesterday! I’m going to go make some food and leave you with some photos of my yard last week when the sun was out.

shoes, foxglove, artichoke, monk's hood and lupine.

shoes, foxglove, artichoke, monk's hood and lupine.

Also, this is a squirrel friend from my yard. They haven’t been around too much with the cats here now but this guy was precariously stealing bird food. I missed the best part! At one point he was grabbing onto the bottom of the feeder with all four paws and eating out of one part with his mouth! I wish I had a photo.

stealer squirrel...

stealer squirrel...

I have often been compared to a squirrel. Partly because I’m really fidgety (Paul calls me Ms. Fidget!) and partly because I really really enjoy watching them for some reason. OJ the cat sat at the foot of our tree the other day while a squirrel chittered at him and two huge crows sat on a telephone wire enjoying the scene as much as I was.

Ok, off to see what kid of food I can find in the kitchen.


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