nobody cares zine podcast soon!

Ugh, I have had some annoying computer things happen lately so I have been avoiding it a bit. Yesterday I did a bunch of cleaning scans on and now it is working fine again!

Yesterday Marc and I recorded the very first episode of Nobody cares about your stupid zine podcast and it was awesome! It is a bit longer than I expected. I edited a bit of it last night and some this morning and it is about 32 minutes of us talking about zine events, zine news and then interviewing each other. Plus a bit of Paul the engineer and Blackjack the cat.

The best part is that Androo Robinson wrote us an amazing theme song! Seriously, we played it about a dozen times and danced around the living room! It is recorded with a ukulele and bongo drums and is the sugar coated They Might Be Giants style song about zines and people who make them.

There are a few more kinks that need to be worked out but I may be able to have it posted today. I have been teaching myself an audio editing program but I have a few more questions for Paul when he gets home and then we should be good to go!

P.S. Jess and I also had a vegan wine and food paiting night last night. I documented it with picutres. I’m going to start documenting our meals more because they are awesome!


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