Zinewiki, wake up time, tickets and lolcats

did you know that ZineWiki is back up? It is true! I spent a little time last night egotistically editing my page. I’m not sure how some of the stuff got there. I always tend to forget some of the things I have done so it is good for other people to fill it out to remind me. So, even if you don’t want to edit zinewiki you should check it out and see what’s there.

Everyday I get up and look at the clock and frequently it is exactly 9:00am. If it is not 9 is is within 10 minutes of 9. It has been happening for months and sort of weirds me out. This morning I bought my train ticket from London to Poirtiers. it sort of makes me fell official about my trip.

Here’s a photo where I made one of Marc’s cats into a lolcat. I couldn’t help it! We were trying to do a crossword puzzle and Jackie kept trying to steal our pen!

Sorry jackie. You asked for it!

Sorry jackie. You asked for it!

I’m not a cat person but I do enjoy these cats. I’ll write more about them sometime but right now I have coffee to roast and orders to pack.


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