International zine Month and stuff

I have some entries bouncing around in my head but today has been a bit hectic. I have been dog sitting for my sister for a few days and we spent the monring in bed reading books since the electricity in our house was out… I was hoping it wasn’t just my house and PGE confirmed it was a neighborhood thing…. then I had to get back to work.

Part of “work” was getting information about International Zine Month up on the IZM site. Did you know know that July is Internation Zine Month? Well, it is. Nicole Introvert from Click Clack Zine Distro is putting together a comp zine about Entry Points and how we got into zines. Read more about it here and submit your stories.

Before I head off for some extreme button making I wanted to point out my new customizable “ask me about …” button and the new costomizable “I ❤ …” button for imaginations to run wild with…


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