Good Riddance to 2008

2008 sucked.

I tried doing that meme about all the stuff I did in the past year several times and I just couldn’t finish it. Thinking about 2008 makes my head hurt. The only thing that wasn’t a complete mess was my love life… which is probably what helped me get through the rest of the horrible-ness.

I also tried writing some comprehensive thing about my 2008 and it just got tedious. 2008 just really really sucked. My house was falling apart causing me to spend my savings for the Stolen Sharpie Revolution reprint twice, my favorite grandmother passed away unexpectedly, our family dog at my parents’ house had to be put to sleep before Paul got to see her again. My abusive ex-husband never quite stops behaving like an entitled asshat. The Portland Zine Symposium had more than half the organizers quit but we still pulled it off.

By the end of the year things started shaping up. I had raised enough money to reprint my book, Paul was happily making music with three bands and playing shows, the activist community came to my aid in dealing with my ex, and opportunities I hadn’t dreamed of starting opening up to me.

Highlights of 2008: My parents taking Webly, Brian, Paul and I on an Alaskan cruise in June, pulling off the Portland Zine Symposium with basically only 4 organizers, our family riverhouse cabin that has been a nice retreat from life, driving my grandmother’s car back from Texas with my sister across the country, attending the very first zine fest in Salt Lake City.

2009 is shaping up to be fantastic though… especially in the zine department. I already have the money for the Stolen Sharpie Revolution printing and most of the layout is done and should be going to the printer in a few weeks.

In March I expect to have a release party for that at the Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC) There is the Zine Librarian unconference in March. I’m also planning a zine podcast with my housemate Marc called Nobody Cares about Your Stupid Zine Podcast!

In April I have been kicking around the idea of a mini zinefest at the IPRC with tables that are only open to IPRC members and everyone has the exact same amount of space so it is fair to all tablers. At the very end of April I will be flying to London.

In May I will be attending the London Zine Symposium where I hope to do a reading and participate in workshops. After that I’m scheming a mini zine tour of the UK. On the 12th I’m taking a train to Poitiers, France to participate in the zine event at la Fanzinotheque.Then head back to the UK and catch a plane home.

In June I think I’ll take a big deep breath and have my 32nd birthday party at the Riverhouse.

July is International Zine Month! I’m hoping to make a 24 hour zine finally. I also have this great idea to have a zine retreat at the Riverhouse, more on that later. At the end of International zine month is the 9th Portland Zine Symposium!

After that, who knows? I have applied for the zine residency at the Anchor Archive in Nova Scotia for August or September so maybe I’ll get accepted to that. I am hoping it would be in September so I can hand around the east coast for some zine fests, maybe Richmond or even Canzine.

All this time away from Paul and the house sort of makes me sad when I think about it too long but I know that he will take care of things and he wants me to go out and do things I need to do. He needs to do the things he needs to do too and that’s why I’m headed to the Satyricon tonight to see his band I Am My Kat play… after  I finish one more Etsy button order.


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