Other places to find me

Alex Wrekk facebook

Alex Wrekk Does Stuff and Things Facebook

We Make Zines

Daily Booth

My Small World Buttons Shop

Etsy Shop

The Copy Scams (all zine band!)


Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Zine Podcast

Stolen Sharpie Revolution site

Alex Wrekk on Wikipedia

Zine Event Organizers Group

Etsy Team Zine

Zine Event Organizers Group



Last FM

Interviews and stuff:

OPB radio show about zines: Think Out Loud

Interview with Ciara of Learning to Leave A Paper Trail Distro here.

Interview with Reading Local here.

Interview in Parasol here

Deseret News in Salt Lake City interviewed me when I was there for a zine fest.

Question Riot Interview

Interview with Kurt of Welcome to Flavor Country

2 responses to “Other places to find me

  1. hi,Alex
    I’ve found your page during searching funny image of Cat… Your http://alexwrekk.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/ssrwork.jpg like me very much (copyright is untouched, don’t worry ;)
    Have a fresh-mind Mornings for work- and any days !!

  2. Dear Alex,

    I am currently reading one of your Brainscan zines. I found it at Bard College. I wanted to share that with you because I feel like that is something you’d appreciate it. Not that I’d claim to know you, but like you said, one is afforded little glimpses into a person via their zine.

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